Racing Steps Foundation
The Racing Steps Foundation provides sponsorship for young drivers and riders who demonstrate the skills and determination to succeed in motorsport but who lack the funds needed to make their way to the top.

Behind the Racing Steps Foundation initiative is founder Graham Sharp, a successful businessman who is keen to prevent British talent falling by the wayside for budgetary reasons. He is supported by the Foundation's ambassador, John Surtees, whose role includes talent spotting, driver selection and guidance.

Also partnering the Racing Steps Foundation in its bid to guide the young competitors all the way to the top are front-running UK motorsport teams iSport International, Carlin, Fortec Motorsport, Zip Young Guns and Keen Racing Preparations.

Surtees, the teams and other mentors and experts work closely with the protégées to ensure they get all the support necessary to compete at the highest level in parallel with their general education.

The Racing Steps Foundation is Jack's main partner and has supported Jack since 2008.
BRDC Super Stars
Now in its fourth year, BRDC SuperStars is well established as a programme which any serious young British driver aspires to be part of. As the scheme only selects the very brightest prospects, competition for places is tough and keenly fought.
SuperStars compete across the different disciplines from single seaters to prototypes, touring cars to GTs.
Jack is been part of the BRDC Super Stars scheme starting 2011.
The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is recognised as the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom by the world governing body, the Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA). As part of the MSA's investment in the training and development of young drivers it created a TEAM UK scheme which encompasses the country's best up and coming motor sport talent.

Jack has been part of the MSA Team UK since November 2010
T. Balfe Construction
Established in 1949, and still expanding on its 50 years of the family company's history, T. Balfe Construction prides itself on quality of its craftsmanship, service, attention to detail, honesty and is fully focused on delivering the right product within the right timeframe.

Jack has been an ambassador for T. Balfe Construction since 2003.
Alpinestars is a world leading manufacturer of professional racing products. Founded in 1963 in Italy, the company provides racing products for some of the world's leading motorcycle riders and automotive drivers.

Jack has been an ambassador for Alpinestars since 2007.
Piers Dowell has been Custom Painting since 1992. The mainstay of his work is still crash helmets for the Autosport industry although Piers still takes on high end custom motorcycle work and is actively furthering a career as a fine artist. It became quickly apparent that Piers’s ability to paint very realistic and accurate murals became a trademark of his work. Something at which he is simply world class. Some time ago Piers adopted the attitude that it takes as long as it takes to make the job as good as he can possibly make it. Therefore his work is done to a quality not a price.